Axess Soundbar Universal Remote Codes

If you are reading this article then most probably you are trying to program your Axess Soundbar. Programming universal remote can be difficult when you don’t have remote code to program it. Unlike TV it is a bit hard to program the soundbar. There are different ways to program your Axess Soundbaruniversal remote.

However, today in this article we will guide all these methods will step-wise instruction so that you could successfully program your universal remote. In addition to this, we will also discuss the different methods to program the remote as well. If you have already bought your universal remote then you are good to go.

axess soundbar remote

Axess Soundbar universal remote codes

Axess Soundbar has both three-digit and four-digit remote codes. So, don’t get confused while programming your remote. Some Soundbar supports three digits codes whereas some might support four digits. So, here is the list of Axess Soundbar universal remotes:

  • 1005
  • 1110
  • 3593
  • 1476
  • 0049
  • 711
  • 1113
  • 1053

How to program Axess Soundbar universal remote with auto search method?

Auto search methods are mostly preferred while Soundbar remote. In the auto search method all the universal remote scans all the possible remote codes. The scanning process is run unless it finds the exact code that works well with your remote. Follow the below instruction to program universal remote with auto search methods:

  1. First of all turn on the soundbar to make sure either the remote is functioning is properly or not.
  2. Turn on the remote by pressing TV/DVD/CBL/OK/SEL and make it ready for programming. The LED light on the remote will indicate either the remote is ready to program or not.
  3. Point remote straight towards the Soundbar and press CH+ or CH- unless the remote will show On Off signal. Now press when it shows on-off signal press CH+ or CH- continuously unless the device turns off.
  4. Verify code pressing power button and make sure that the device should turn on. After this trying changing the channel and verifying that the remote is programmed correctly.
  5. Press the device button on the remote and save the code. After this LED light will blink show the indication of code saved.

The above steps explain how you can explain universal remote with the code search method. Unlike the usual method, it might take a bit of time as it goes through the scanning process to find the correct code. So, be patients while following the above steps.

How to program Axess universal remote using the manual method?

Keycodes are another method to program Axess universal remote using the manual method. In this method, we will program our universal remote using remote codes. However, the downside with this method is that you need to try different remote codes until you find the right remote codes. Here is the stepwise instruction to program your remote using the manual method:

  1. First, turn on your Device.
  2. Now press the TV button from your universal remote.
  3. Press and hold the setup button on your universal remote. This will turn your remote into learning mode.
  4. Enter from the information booklet of remote or from the above section of this article.
  5. Point your remote towards the TV and enter the Keycodes.
  6. After this press and hold the power button and when the screen switches off. This remote is ready to work with your Soundbar.

This is how you can program your Axess Soundbar universal remote. If one Keycodes doesn’t work then make sure to try another one unless you find the right codes. This method should work in every device if you are still finding difficulties while programming then try the next method.

How to program Axess universal remote codes using the code explorer method?

The code search method is another method to program your Axess universal remote. If you are not able to program your universal remote from any of these methods then the manual method should works. In this method, the remote goes into scanning mode and tries different codes unless it finds the right code. Here is the stepwise instruction to program universal remote user manual methods:

  1. First, turn on the device.
  2. Press and hold the setup button from your universal remote. After this, your remote will go into learning mode.
  3. Now enter the 9-9-1 code from your remote.
  4. Press the power button from your remote and then press the channel up until your device turns off.
  5. After this press, the power button and check either the remote is programmed properly or not.

This is how you can program your Axess universal remote using the manual method. I hope that this method should work well in every universal remote.

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These are some of the methods to program your Axess Soundbar universal remote. In the above method, we will discuss both types of methods using remote code and without using remote codes. I hope that you have successfully programmed your using these methods. If you have any doubts or queries feel free to comment we will try to answer all your queries.


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