Axess TV Universal Remote Codes and Program Instructions

Every TV brands have different feature and working functions so do remote codes. If you lost your old remote and planning to buy a new one then it is difficult to get an original remote for your TV. So, you will be left with only one option that is universal TV remotes. Universal remotes are those remotes that work on any kind of TV with certain codes according to the TV.

When it comes to setting up a universal remote you need a remote code in order to pair it with the TV. There are basically three types of remotes code three-digit, four digits, and five digits. Every TV has different remote codes the same goes for Axess TV. If you have Axess TV but don’t know the remote code then you are in right place.

In this article, we will list all the five digits, four digits, and three digits remote codes which you can try to pair your remote with a TV. Before, you ran directly into the code let me tell you one thing that it is not necessary that your TV supports the same remote code as other Axess TV does. So, I will suggest you try all these codes onto your TV unless you get the right one.

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Four Digits Axess TV remotes codes

  • 1005
  • 1113
  • 1476
  • 1053
  • 1110

Three Digits Axess TV Remotes codes

  • 711

Five Digit Axess TV Remotes codes

  • 13593

How to set up universal remote codes manually?

As we have looked at the different types of possible code for our TV. Now let’s discuss how to program these codes on our remote. There are different methods to program our remote on the TV. Here we are going to discuss manual methods to set up the remote on our TV. Now, let’s look at the step-wise instruction to set up the remote on the TV.

  1. First of all turn on the TV
  2. Now press the TV button from the universal remote by pointing towards the TV
  3. After this press and hold the setup button unless you see a light flash on the device
  4. Now enter the Keycodes from your programming guides
  5. After this press, the power button while pointing to the TV. Make sure to hold the power button unless the screen switches off. this will indicate that your remote has been programmed properly with your TV.

This is how you can program your remote using key codes if it doesn’t program then make sure to try different key codes. This method should work on most of the TV if it doesn’t then check the next method.

How to set up Axess TV universal remotes without code?

As there are different codes for the same TV it will take some time to program your TV before you find the right one. So, if you are tired of searching codes manually onto your TV then you can try this method. In this method, universal remote checks all the possible remote codes automatically unless we get the right codes for our TV. So, let look the step wise step instruction to setup remote on our Axess TV:

  1. First of all turn on the TV on which you want to program your remote.
  2. Now press the TV/DVD/CBL or Ok/SEL button from your remote for around 3 seconds. After this, a LED light will indicate that the remote is ready to program.
  3. Point the remote towards the TV and click on CH+ or CH- on your remote. Press unless the device gets turned off.
  4. Now verify the code by clicking upon the power key. After this, the device will turn on and press the different buttons on the remote to verify either the remote is properly programmed or not.
  5. After this press the Device button to save the code. When you do so the LED light on the device will show the sign of confirmation by blinking twice.

This is how you can automatically set up the TV remote without using manual methods. Unlike manual methods here you don’t require to check different remote codes. The remote does check the code automatically on the TV.


I hope that you have successfully programmed your Universal remote in Axess TV. In the article, we have listed different types of TV remote codes including three digits, four digits, and five digits. You can try these different types of code in case if you didn’t find your remote code. In case if you are tired of searching the code manually then you can try another method to program your TV.

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