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Best free Web hosting in 2020

These days popularity of free web hosting is increasing rapidly. Many people are looking for free web hosting provider nowadays. So picking the best free web hosting provider can reduced your expense of maintaining a website.

To help you we have work really hard and found some of the best free website providers. These websites provider will definitely going to help you. Some of the best among best are listed below:

  • Infinity-free
  • Hostinger
  • 000webhost
  • Free hosting
  • Free web hosting area
  • Free Hostia
  • Award Space


  1. Infinity-free

Subdomains: Unlimited

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Disk Space: Unlimited

Email accounts: 10

Max. Websites: 400

Uptime & Speed: Good

It is the best website hosting in the world of free web hosting.  It is the top pick for the best free web host of many people because they offer total control over your website and also offers some excellent level of features.

It has over 300,000 users in this past six years. It provides unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and also provides 10 email accounts. It provides you 10 email accounts & 1 FTP to upload your content and you can also host as many domains as you want in this site.

It is totally free and comes with the popular Softaculous Script Installer with more than 400 applications and you will also get 99.99% uptime guarantee.

The unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity comes with limited restrictions. They run advertisements in your control panel but not in your actual website.

  1. Hostinger

Subdomains: Yes

Bandwidth: 100GB

Disk Space: 10GB

Email accounts: 1

Max. Websites: 1

Uptime & Speed: Very good


Hostinger is one of the best in the business of web hosting for nearly 15 years and have a client base over 29 million in different countries.


It provides you a 100 GB bandwidth and 10GB disk space with 1 MySQL database and 1 FTP account. You can easily use website builder in hostinger and they provide auto installer. It provides excellent uptimes with an average of 99.98%.


You can also upgrade to their premium plan which over you additional services like unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth and free domain. The main problem of Hostinger is that their user interface does not give access to a classic c-Panel.


  1. 000webhost

Subdomains: Yes

Bandwidth: 10GB

Disk Space: 5GB

Email accounts: 0

Max. Websites: 1

Uptime & Speed: Good Speed & Bad uptime


It is the one of the free website provider which is operated by Hostinger. 000Webhost has millions of users and has been activated for more than 10 years. It is the main target for hackers due to the millions of users. In 2015, 13.5 million accounts were stolen from this website provider but from then it has completed changed.


There are three ways to build a website in 000Webhost: Zyro website builder, Word-press or just upload your own files. There is no control panel in 000Webhost. Users are quite surprised by the absence of subdomains and there is also no SSL certificate.


The main problem of this web provider is that their unstable uptimes. You have to experience about 1 hour of downtime every next week on your website. Due to this you can lose many customer and traffic. It offers limited bandwidth of 10GB and disk space of 5GB.


  1. Free-Hosting

Subdomains: No

Bandwidth: Unmetered

Disk Space: 10GB

Email accounts: 1

Max. Websites: 1

Uptime & Speed: Worse


It is a European company which is another best web hosting provider. You can get it in both free and paid version. This web hosting company has an experience of more than a decade in web hosting business and collected many users.


This web hosting provider provides you a faster server with multi-site hosting and PHP process concurrency. If you upgrade to their paid version then you can get web stats,weblogs, backups, CGI and extended resource.


They provide excellent service yet you can’t ignore some of the problem you will face in their site. They offer slow speeds and terrible uptimes. This is another web host which makes big promise to give you an excellent service but failed ultimately.


  1. Free Web Hosting Area

Subdomains: 0

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Disk Space: 1.5GB

FTP accounts: 1

Uptime & Speed: Good


It is one of the best options for free web hosting company that can give you unlimited bandwidth. With the experience of more than 16 years in the field of web hosting they give you an excellent performance.

They offer liberal storage capacity of 1.5 GB and 5 MySQL databases. They ensure 99.8 percent uptime with the daily and weekly offsite backups depending upon user’s preference, access to the control panel and FTP support.

It does not show any ads on low traffic websites. They use latest technologies like PHP 7.1, Apache 2.4 and many more. They only request you to upgrade to paid version, if you enjoy their service.

FreeWebHostingArea allows the file size of maximum 12MB. The control panel is also unique. The auto installer and site builder were not working at the time of writing. It allows above average supports with many more other features in the works like support for SSL certificates, site builder and auto installer.


  1. Free-Hostia

Subdomains: No

Bandwidth: 6GB

Disk Space: 250MB

Email accounts: 3

Max. Websites: 5

Uptime & Speed: Bad


Free-Hostia is a free web hosting platform with a unique name. It is not only famous with a unique name but also with a service offered by this web hosting provider. They provide high quality service to their customers.


They have gained very positive response towards their customer service in recent years. They provide 5 hosted domains with 3 free email accounts to their customers. Yet, you will become disappointed due to the some performance issues which you will face.


The biggest problem admitted by the users is about the restrictions on the storage and bandwidth. Many webmasters will face a problem to build a site with only 250MB of storage and 6GB bandwidth. It is the best for hosting a test site and a low traffic simple blog.


  1. Award Space

Subdomains: Yes

Bandwidth: 5GB

Disk Space: 1GB

Email accounts: 1

Max. Websites: 4

Uptime & Speed: Decent


It is one of the oldest in the business of web hosting which is established in 2004. It has over 2.5 million customers in the different countries around the globe. It has earned name for itself in the market of free hosting providers with its service.


It provides 24 hours customer service and 100% ad-free hosting to MySQL database. It guarantees 99 percent uptime with one click CMS installation.It provides only 1GB disk space and 5GB bandwidth to their free users. The biggest problem with Award Space is the downtime more than an hour a week.


Final Word

These are the some of the best free web hosting provider in 2020. If you are planning to build the website try these once so that you can enjoy the features free of cost. Hope you have enjoy the article, for any offence comment down below.


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