Brain Test Level 38:It is too dark! I can’t find my cat[Updated]

Brain Test Level 38 Answer:Brain test is a tricky puzzle game where you need to figure out issue and solve it as the problems arises and challenge your mind here you need to complete inorder to go next level.It gets harder when you reach new levels as you may need to get help from your friends or family.

In this post you will find the answers as well as walkthrough of the brain test level 38“It is too dark! I can’t find my cat” as we all know braintest is best way to fill your time and kill boredom as when you start solving it you will feel easy and its really fun to do so.

On this post, you are given the answers and walkthrough of the Brain Test Level 38 “It is too dark! I can’t find my cat”.Here you need to think out of the box so,you can complete the levels as you may be stuck here are answers for braintest as well as other puzzle games too.

Here is the answer for level 38:

 brain test level 38

Step 1: Take lightbulb from hint place.

Take lightbulb from hint place for braintest level 38 answer
step 2: Drag slowly over the screen then it will lightup

Braintest Answers
Step 3: there will be the cat

You Will Be Able To See The Cat Brain Test Level 38 Answer

Step 4: Congrats you completed Brain Test Level 38.

Completed level 38

Quick Answer for Brain Test Level 38:

Answer to pass level 38 on brain test:You need to drag lightbulb from hint place then Drag slowly over the screen then it will lightup there will be the cat.

level 33 brain test Video Walkthrough:

Brain test screenshots:

[appbox googleplay com.unicostudio.braintest&hl=en&gl=US screenshots]


Here in this post you will complete level 33 in brain test and if you have other puzzle games and you are stuck then let us know we will find and solve it thanks!

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