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Download Bollywood, Punjabi, Hollywood Movies Free in 2019!ExtraMovies

Introduction on Extramovies :

Extramovies 2019:so,all you guys know that in today’s eras there are many movies download websites such as Allmovies4u,khatrimaza,7starhd etc.Among them Extramovie  is also one .

As we know that we used to wait a lot of time for releasing and watching them in cinema hall or theatre.But now in todays era everything have been changed.

Now we dont need to wait for more time you can watch any movies using torrent or anyother sites .Everything has been changed now you can just google,and you can find your desired result which satisfies your thoughts so,here today we are going to talk about movie downloading site in 2019 and we will be talking on Extramovies.

So,first of all what is ExtraMovies is a site where you can find all the desired movies lists from bollywood,hollywood and even kollywood too without paying anybucks so,here you can just not download but if you have high internet speed you can strean it online too.

ExtraMovies 2019 – Download Bollywood, Punjabi, Hollywood Movies Free!

Even Knowing that “people mustn’t download movies from pirated sites people tend to download movies from those illegal sites such as Extramovies ,Pagallworld,khatrimaza so,today here we will know about these sites and discuss on should we download from these sites or not .

Also here in this article i will be teaching you guys how to download step by steps also,one tip for you if you download from these untrusted sites then you may be installing unwanted malwares and viruses too they can steal passwords too so,i prefer you not to download from these sources!

ExtraMovies-Download Movies-Online Watch Movies Online-2019

ExtraMovies-Download Movies-Online Watch Movies Online-2019


Extramovies right yeah so,extramovies is one of the oldest movie downloading site which changes its domain like lizard😛so,they change their domain from .com to .net or .info now they have moved or redirected their site to .wiki so,whenever the government bans they just redirect their site .

What are the movies or shows we are allowed to download?

==>And my answer will be ,you are allowed to download the movies such as

  • hollywood movies
  • bollywood movies
  • Telegue movies,
  • All marathi Movies
  • New cartoons
  • New cartoon movies
  • Serials
  • netflix shows too etc

^_^here you can watch and download movies online in 2019 through ExtraMovies

What are the video qualities they provide?

==>Huh,ok they provide their movies when movies are released like when they have released in sunday then you will be able to get movies in monday or tuesday so,you have not to wait for long time .The qualities of the movies extramovies provides are:

  • 1080p
  • 720p
  • 480p
  • Mp4movies
  • Mkv

So,they are the qualities of the movie now sizes get bigger when they are in high qualities so,you can think yourself .You will get 1.8 or 2GB for 1080p video quality and lower for other.


Download Hindi dubbed movies from Extramovies:

So,here you can downlaod hindi dubbed movies or you can say dual audio so,your desires on downloading movies whether you need in hindi dubbed or just english deafult one then you can choose according to your needs so,download according to your needs!

Extramovies mirror Links

ExtraMovies.wiki ExtraMovies.info
ExtraMovies.in ExtraMovies.site
ExtraMovies.trade ExtraMovies.wold
ExtraMovies.co ExtraMovies.org
ExtraMovies.biz ExtraMovies.me

So,you may be thinking on how to download hindi dubbed movies in 2019,well lets know that too.

Download hindi movies in 2019 for free

so,here is the way through which you can download your movies for free in 2019 from extramovies so,watch this video in fullscreen

So,I think after watching this video you will not be facing any kind of problem in downloading movies from extra movies .

Last words About Extramovies:

So,first of all thank you all,AT first extramovies is a illegal site which can be banned at anytime and the owner of these such illegal sites can lead them to jail so,they are changing their domain and now their new domain is extramovies.wiki

If you wish to go to their sites then i willnot be responsible for your action and i thing if you are going to that site be sure to use VPN so,that government willnot be able to track your details.


Privacy is crime and i dont support  this .In this article i have shared some tips which is educational and I dont promote these kinds of activites and if you do anything then i will not be responsible ,so government can stop these sites .

I hope you loved my article and thanks a lot for giving a time to read my article also dont forget to share this article in social sites such as facebook,twitter,whatsapp as called sharing is caring so,signing out good bye!

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