How to Find/Track Lost Android Phone In Nepal 2020[Full Guide]

Have you lost or misplaced your android phone in nepal 2020?

In today’s era losing android phone is common as losing books in 1980s so,without delay lets begin with different option to find lost or theft android phone in nepal using these methods there is no any gurantee that you will find android phone but you can hope to get your phone.

Different methods to find lost phone in 2020

  • Finding lost android phone using google find
  • Tracking with IMEI
  • Seeking help with police
  • Samsung find my phone
  • claim insurance

Using google find

Google has made easier to find your android device if its connected to internet then it is really easier to find android device or misplaced phone,in many cases the phones are misplaced and then the owner forgets in this situation find my phone makes easier to find the lost device.So,lets begin with step by step:

Steps: Login with the logged android device’s google account


find lost android phone in nepal,how to find lost android phone in nepal
find lost android phone in nepal

There you can see as i have connected to wifi or if the theif has stolen and your device is active and connected to internet then you can easily lock,locate or erase your personal data .This is an best way to find lost android device in nepal.

Tracking Android device with IMEI

Nowadays mobile phones have IMEI devices so,what are IMEI,Its is personal identification number associated for each and every phones which can help to track lost phone.If you dont have mobile phone cover then you can easily find by dialing *#06# and even if you have lost your device no need to worry you can find with your google account through these steps:

There you will see these like where you can get your imei number even if you have lost or misplaced your android device which will certainly help you to track your android device.

Find lost android device with imei in nepal 2020
Find lost android device with imei in nepal 2020

Now you have IMEI number then you can take help from telecommunication with the help of police and you can blacklist your device whenever the device gets activated the owner can get all the information though which he/she can track the lost device.


Losing an android device is very common nowadays and its really headache so,you need to careful also you can add owner info in lockscreen so in few cases the person who will find the device will return to the original owner so thats it if you have good luck then using these methods can help you to get your lost android in nepal 2020.

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