How To Switch From New Facebook Back to Classic Facebook 2020?

Howdy everybody as we all know the new Facebook layout is bulky and especially i don’t like this i really loved old one but Facebook’s new layout doesn’t allows for more days so,i wished to change and revert back to old Facebook layout but i didn’t got any useful tutorial so,here i will teach you steps so,without delay lets begin the tutorial titled on How To Switch From New Facebook Back to Classic Facebook 2020?

  • Using Facebook Revert Layout
  • Using Few scripts
  • Using Extension

So,I will be talking on these steps precisely lets begin;

Using Facebook Revert Layout

Step 1: You need to go to small right down triangle.

switch to classic facebook 2020,switch back to old facebook 2020
Facebook notification bar

Step 2: Now there you can toggle if you want dark mode or light one.

how to revert back to old facebook 2020

Step 3: Now you will be asked for feedback now just skip that part that’s it you have old facebook layout.

Using scripts

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+B to see your Bookmark Bar.
  • Copy and Paste the below given code in Bookmark Bar.
  • Now Open and Click on the Bookmark.
  • Wait Few Seconds and It will reload with Old Style of Facebook.
This is called Bookmarklet (In case If You don’t know).
P.S. :- It should work for almost all Facebook Profile whether the option of revert back to old style is present or not. In case, If this method not Work for You here are other methods too.

Using Extensions

Here you will learn how to revert back to old facebook 2020 then you need to install few extensions.

Old Layout for Facebook
Old Layout for Facebook
Developer: matthew.a.kruse
Price: Free

So,using these extensions will help you to get old facebook layout bye!

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